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"Than you to our wonderful publicist Adria Rolnik for all your amazing work and talents. " Nov., 2022 program credit - Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance


"You are such a pleasure to work with. You have done a terrific job... looking forward to working together again"- Cherylyn Lavagnino, Artistic Dir., Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance 

"Thank you so very much!  Once again, it has been a pleasure and a gift to work with you. Your work is a big part of our success" - Gloria McLean, President, American Dance Guild 

"Adria, you did it again! Bless you...Gotta keep a good thing going!!! You are a tremendous asset to us. Thank you so much for a spectacular job on the Festival" - Gloria McLean, President, American Dance Guild 

"It's been so wonderful working with Adria. You have sent me so much wonderful material to work with, and I can't thank you enough!"- Rachel Caldwell – Dance Teacher Magazine 

"You're a real pro" - Anna Kisselgoff, former Chief Dance Critic, NY Times


"Once again, congratulations! You must be very gratified by the success of your FTHM PR campaign, and of the success it has engendered. Bravo!" - Magda Saleh, former Prima Ballerina, The Bolshoi

"Thanks for everything. I learned a lot! I appreciate your dedication and energy! xo" - Beth Soll, Beth Soll & Company

"Thank you for the press summary – terrific! As always" – Tina Croll, Tina Croll + Company|From the Horse’s Mouth 

"I really appreciate working with you and for the PR you've been working on for ETD... you're the best! - Eryc Taylor, Eryc Taylor Dance

"Thank you Adria for your hard work and support of the season" Elisa Monte, Elisa Monte Dance


"I want to thank you for all the terrific work that you did. I am very grateful. I so enjoy working with you"Jennifer Muller, Jennifer Muller/The Works

"...with gratitude for all you do for the dance community" -  Truly, Jacqulyn Buglisi, Buglisi Dance Theatre

"Much gratitude to you Adria!!" - Jacqulyn Buglisi, Buglisi Dance Theatre

“We at Jennifer Muller/The Works would like to thank you for your wonderful work for our 2016 NYLA season. We truly appreciate it”  - Katy Neely, General Administrator, Jennifer Muller/The Works

“Thank you for a fabulous job. I loved working with you.” - Jennifer Muller,  Monte/Molissa/Margo/Muller - LIVE!

“I can't thank you enough for all that you pulled off this year. I hope you know I really appreciate it and understand how hard it is.” - Tony Waag, Artistic Director, American Tap Dance Foundation 


"THANK YOU SO MUCH Adria! Your support and great energy means the world to me. Thank you for the GREAT work!... our PR queen.." – Fadi J. Khoury, Artistic Director, FJK DANCE

"Thank you thank you. You are so wonderful... and always thank you for your amazing work, help and love. Xo" – Sevin Ceviker, Associate Artist/Co-Founder, FJK DANCE 


"I am so grateful for your work and passion for the dance and helping me with your talent is truly incredible" Fadi J. Khoury, Artistic Director/FJK DANCE 


"I just want to thank you for all you did. You were amazing to work with. You delivered on everything we talked about. I could not  be happier.... I hope we can work together again and I hope you would consider becoming a permanent PR person for this festival." - Astrid Von Ussar, Artistic Director, The Dance Gallery Festival 

“You just rocked my world lady!” - Astrid von Ussar, Art. Dir./The Dance Gallery Festival 


“You are amazing!” - Astrid von Usser, Art. Dir./The Dance Gallery Festival – July, 2016

"It was such a successful production. Saturday night we had full house and the audience reaction-standing ovation and tears made us so emotional... You did amazing!! Thank you for your beautiful work!” – Caterina Rago, Artistic Director, Caterina Rago Dance Company on her premiere of "Labir Into"

‘Thank you for your hard work, I know how difficult it is! You are amazing!!!” – Caterina Rago, Artistic Director/Choreographer - Caterina Rago Dance Company

“Thank you Adria for your excellent support!” – Cherylyn Lavagnino, Artistic Director, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance

"Appreciate the interest you take in my work and process. You are a gem.." - Cherylyn Lavagnino, Artistic Director, Cherylyn Lavagnino Dance 

"Many thanks for your amazing work with IDACO nyc, your are a STAR!!!" – Vanessa Tamburi, Artistic Director, Italian Dance Connection


“Thanks Adria.... you are doing an amazing job!!!!” Vanessa Tamburi, Artistic Director, Italian Dance Connection

"First of all thank you so much for all the work you did for this second edition of IDACO. Amazing!!!!!" – Vanessa Tamburi, Artistic Director, Italian Dance Connection

"Adria, you are brilliant. Thank you for compiling this (press summary). Ceci from Italy (Florence at the moment!)" - Cecilia Fontanesi, Italian Dance Connection 

"Thank you very much for showing me the path, Adria….you have done a phenomenal job in providing me with the resources I need…. I was very fortunate that the paths converged on you" – Janaki Patrik, Artistic Director, The Kathak Ensemble & Friends

"Thanks Adria.  Seemed like everyone left the theater with full of joy. 

Appreciate all that you've done"Jill Williams, Director Clark Center NYC

"... thanks to Adria Rolnik for her ingenious PR campaign" - Mohamed Shams, Classical Pianist

“WONDERFUL ADRIA – infinite thanks for your incredible love and support. Your belief? Being? with me always is truly a blessing Much love and dance" - Fadi J. Khoury, Artistic Director, FJK Dance

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